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Alumni events on campus

In the October 2008 issue of Art in America, writer Stephen Maine profiled Kansas City and said this about KCAI: “ … Kansas City is a great place to see art, and for many decades it has been a good place for young artists to study. The Kansas City Art Institute has a special spot in the heart (and balance sheet) of this metropolis, having offered an undergraduate curriculum and steady teaching jobs for area artists since 1885.”

R. Scott Macintosh, editor of Midwest CEO, in his column in the October 2008 issue, said, “For emerging artists making a splash nationally, look local. A number of Kansas City (my own backyard) artists – both those currently living here and those with ties to Kansas City, typically by virtue of the Kansas City Art Institute – are breaking out on the national scene.”

Regional gatherings

KCAI will turn 125 in 2010! President Kathleen Collins invites all alumni to participate in this momentous occasion.

Get Involved
Will you have a solo show in 2010? When and where?
Share this information now by submitting it here: www.kcai.edu/alumni/ideas/
We plan to have a comprehensive list of all 2010 solo alumni exhibits to share with the community.

plan on it
We will have a special 2010 Alumni Weekend/125th Anniversary Symposium in
the fall of the year. Stay tuned for details and speakers. Share your suggestions
now for the symposium topics by submitting them on the following Web page: www.kcai.edu/alumni/alumnidirector/

be a representative
Please e-mail alumni@kcai.edu to indicate your interest and receive more information.
Our alumni reps. are responsible for documenting 2010 alumni exhibitions by taking pictures and connecting with the exhibiting alumni. Images and anecdotes collected
from the regional reps. will appear in Alumni News, the e-newsletter and the new
alumni relations blog.

Reflect on your time at KCAI and the path you took to creating the life you have today.
Share images of your family and work life, and share memorable stories from your life then or your life now. To share, visit www.kcai.edu/alumni/alumnidirector/.
These images and anecdotes will appear in Alumni News, the e-newsletter and the new alumni relations blog.

may alumni weekend

Featuring the photography/digital filmmaking symposium

You will receive the 2009 Alumni Weekend Brochure in early February.
Visit www.kcai.edu/alumni after you receive the brochure for more details on this exciting and affordable event.

Do you want your work to be considered for the 2009 Auction Sneak Preview exhibit which will be on display during the weekend? Send your complete auction donation by April 3. Click here for comprehensive donation instructions, forms and information on the KCAI Art and Design Auction.

art auction
Please consider donating to this event that raises funds for student scholarships . Click here for more information.

martin luther king day

You are invited to join the Kansas City Art Institute in celebrating Martin Luther King Day from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jan. 19 in Epperson Auditorium (Vanderslice Hall, 4415 Warwick Blvd). The program, which is open to the public and free of charge, will be framed around the following version of a rapidly changing quote gaining popularity across the nation:

Rosa Parks sat
so Martin Luther King could march, Martin Luther King
so Barack Obama could run, Barack Obama ran
so we could fly.

The program will begin with a short documentary film about the Civil Rights movement in the United States. Charles Coulter, former op-ed editor of The Kansas City Star, who has taught African American history at KCAI and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, will deliver one of King's speeches. The program will also include inspirational dances and a birthday cake in honor of Dr. King. Participants will receive a free lapel button honoring Dr. King.

For more information about this or other Black History Month events at KCAI, contact Geri Sanders at 816-802-3435 or gsanders@kcai.edu.

Work by Warren Rosser, William T. Kemper distinguished professor and chair of painting, and alumni Jesse Small ('97 ceramics and sculpture) and Jaimie Warren ('02 printmaking) will be on view at Missouri Bank's new Crossroads branch, 125 Southwest Blvd. The new branch is the first Kansas City building project to gain a gold level “Art Achievement” award from Art through Architecture, a program designed to encourage collecting and commissioning of work by Kansas City artists through architectural practice.

Warren displays two images based on an existing painting, “Constellation.” Jesse's “Golden Hedges,” a multi-part, site-specific sculptural installation wraps around passages of the building's exterior and main entrance. Jaimie displays two photo-based diptychs, which she describes as humorous and awkward. Both Warren and Jaimie will display work on "The Artboards," a pair of double-sided billboards on the building's exterior.

For more information about the Art through Architecture program, contact Josh Shelton, chair of the AtA steering committee, at 816-474-3838 or jshelton@eldoradoarchitects.com. For more information about Missouri Bank, whose president and CEO Grant Burcham serves on the KCAI board of trustees, visit www.mobank.com/indexFlash.html.

Three professors from the Kansas City Art Institute discussed their international experiences in a presentation entitled “Global Outreach: KCAI Educators Abroad”
Nov. 17 in Epperson Auditorium on the KCAI campus. The event coincided with the Kauffman Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, which takes place November
17-23. Speakers included Michael Wickerson, chair of the KCAI sculpture department; Steve Mayse, a professor in the college's School of Design; and Laura Berman, assistant professor of printmaking. Linda Lighton (`89 sculpture), who administers the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program at the Kansas City Artists Coalition, introduced
the speakers, each of whom has received funding from the exchange program to pursue international opportunities. Linda graduated from KCAI in 1989 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture. A member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Linda is
an internationally known ceramic artist who has exhibited globally.

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Alumna Spotlight
Sheey Leedy
Richard Peterson (’74 painting) will speak on campus this fall at 7 p.m. Nov. 20 in Epperson Auditorium as part of the Current Perspectives lecture series.  Also, Richard will exhibit work in a solo show in the KCAI alumni gallery in Vanderslice Hall, 4415 Warwick Blvd. through Dec. 12. A 1974 KCAI graduate, Richard went on to receive his M.F.A. degree from the Instituto Allende/Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico. He chairs the art department within the fine arts division and teaches drawing, painting and lithography at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, Calif. He has received the National Drawing Association’s Award of Excellence and the Dewar’s Young Artist Recognition Award for Excellence in painting/printmaking in the state of California.  Peterson’s work has been in more than 100 group and solo shows and is in many collections including Southern Graphics Archives, Rutgers University, University Anchorage Alaska and KCAI. Peterson holds a U.S. patent for digital lithography.

Faculty Spotlight
Milton Katz
Julia Cole, assistant professor and chair of interdisciplinary arts department, is a sculptor who earned a B.F.A. degree at the San Francisco Art Institute and an M.F.A. degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. She also studied at the Art Institute of Southern California, and received a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) with first class honors from the University of Sussex in England.

Before joining the KCAI faculty in 2004, she taught at the University of Washington and, before that, at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Her work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum at the University of South Florida in Tampa ("DNA: Art & science - the double helix"); University House in Issaquah, Wash. ("Redux"); at the CMA Gallery in Seattle ("Words Fail Me"); and at the Henry Art Gallery, also in Seattle ("Made Not Found"), among others.

Among the recent honors she has received are a Seattle City Artist Award, a Kansas City Avenue of the Arts Award, and a Kansas City 1% for Public Art commission. This last award has resulted in five collaborative and community-oriented artworks installed in a brand new Community Center on the edge of Swope Park (63rd Street). The project will have its official ribbon cutting ceremony at 11a.m., Dec. 13. Everyone is invited to visit this new facility, and Julia and her collaborator, Leigh Rosser, will be on hand to talk about the project and how the work was made. Julia has also published her writing in Review magazine, and in Drain, an online journal of arts and culture.

She also has spearheaded a large-scale, collaborative project that resulted in the siting of a KCAI community rain garden on Parks Department land close to the school. Would you like to volunteer to help with the KCAI community rain garden?  The garden is a lovely, educational encounter that models ecologically sustainable ways to manage water run-off, and volunteering to help maintain the garden is a great thing to do for the environment and our school. Contact Julia at jcole@kcai.edu.

Trivia question
This local painter and professor emeritus received a degree from KCAI in 1953.
He or she is also one of the alumni co-chairs for the 2009 Auction.

A) Shirley Luke Schnell
B) Jim Sajovic
C) Arthur Kraft
D) Wilbur Niewald

Visit www.kcai.edu/alumni after Dec. 1 to view the correct answer. The first person
to e-mail the correct answer to alumni@kcai.edu receives a cool prize from the alumni relations office.

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Public Art
Visit Kansas City Municipal Arts Commission on the web for details on getting a public art commission.

KCAI will open a facility in the Northland on February 2009 to offer continuing education classes. The new site will be located in Riverside, Mo. Please contact the continuing education department at 816-802-3445 if you would like information on how you can
apply to teach or to volunteer.

Mattie Rhodes Center in Kansas City, Mo. will be starting a new visual/performing arts afterschool program in January. They are looking for part-time visual art instructors for this program. Contact David Stadler at dstadler@mattierhodes.org for more information. Mattie Rhodes Center provides arts, mental health and social services to diverse, underprivileged families.

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The KCAI career services office is seeking alumni interested in participating in its internship and professional practice programs.  Alumni professional practice presenters and internship site coordinators are favorites of our students, and the alumni tell us they enjoy being on campus and interacting with students in meaningful ways.   If you would like more information about how you can be involved, please contact Julie Metzler in career services at 816-802-3357 or jmetzler@kcai.edu.

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Which class or classes do you wish you would have taken?
Which year (foundation, sophomore, junior, senior) was the most pivotal for you?

Art in the Loop Foundation
Art in the Loop is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to commissioning permanent public artworks for select sites within Kansas City’s downtown "loop."  Its mission is to contribute to the visual identity, enrichment and revitalization of downtown Kansas City, create new opportunities for artistic development and expand public interaction with new art of excellence.

The next call for artists is coming soon! Only the work of KCAI alumni and faculty are considered for this program. E-mail Robin Trafton, director, to be added to the mailing list: robin@downtownkc.org.

Regional Gatherings
Chicago (at SGC conference): March 2009
Phoenix (at NCECA conference): April 2009

Other locations will be announced.

Events on Campus
Dec. 5: End of semester shows. Visit www.kcai.edu for information on individual departments.

May 1 and 2: Photography and digital filmmaking symposium and Alumni Weekend

June 6: 2009 KCAI Art and Design Auction. Visit www.kcai.edu/alumni to donate now!

June 27: Art of the Car. View vintage cars on the KCAI campus.

Want to attend an alumni event or ask for more information? E-mail alumni@kcai.edu. Please be sure to RSVP to any event you plan to attend.
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In Memory
John Robert Apodaca
(’55 design) passed away June 23, 2008. He was a resident of Palm Springs and Santa Rosa, Calif. John was a retired broadcast graphic designer for the television stations KCOP-TV/KHJ-TV/KCBS-TV and spent 35 years working in Hollywood in television design. John was the owner and director of his firm Apodaca & Associates.

Class Updates1950s
Rita Blitt (’55 painting) unveiled a new sculpture, “Dancing,” in the Olson Performing Arts Center, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, on Sept. 28.

Thomas Barrow (’63 design) is a professor emeritus at the renowned photography program at the Univeristy of New Mexico. He co-authored “Photography, New Mexico!,” which was released in September. For the book, he wrote essays about the artists, illuminating their distinctive approaches to technique and subject matter and placing their images in a larger context. Stuart Ashman, cabinet secretary of New Mexico’s Department of Cultural Affairs, wrote the book’s introduction, wherein he discusses the history of photography in New Mexico.

G. Augustine Lynas (`64 design)
is a sand and snow sculptor, and he also works in concrete, ceramic and most two-dimensional media. Gerald has been doing public sculptures for more than 50 years, and he has worked as a freelance designer since 1970. His book and film, both titled “Sandsong,” are available through his Web site, www.sandsong.com. In 1980, he was invited to build snow sculpture in the athlete's village during the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y. More recently, he has built concrete and bronze sculptures in five playgrounds in New York. Images of some of these projects can be found on his Web site. Also, he has published a new book of photographs called “The ABC's of Central Park, an Alphabet Guidebook,” available through LynasPress.

Ming Fay’s (’67 sculpture)
exhibit in Santa Fe, N.M. has recently been reviewed in a blog that can be found at http://artenvelope.blogspot.com/2008/09/ways-of-nature.html.

Glenn Whaley (’69 design) successfully launched a scientific, technical and medical publishing company after 18 years in the making. www.gwmedical.com


Paul Shaper (’71)
is currently doing graphics, printing and video documentaries. The image above shows Paul working with former President Reagan on a 1991 documentary about Mount Rushmore.

Tim Hahn (’75 painting) recently had a major purchase of his works.  The Federal Reserve Bank purchased three of his paintings for its collection.  They will be displayed in the St. Louis. branch on Olive Street. His work is currently represented by the Philip Slein Gallery in St. Louis.

Ellen Carey (’75 photography)
will participate in this year’s Connecticut Biennial, which is open through Jan. 11.The biennial will be held at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, Conn. Also, she recently curated and contributed work to “Color Me Real,” an exhibition dedicated to Sol LeWitt. The show was exhibited Sept. 9-Nov.8. Ellen is an associate professor of photography at Hartford Art School, University of Hartford in Connecticut. www.ellencarey.com

Charles Birnbaum (’76 ceramics)
participated in the exhibition “Small Works” at the Lana Santorelli Gallery in New York. It runs through Nov. 25.

Janet Niewald (’76 painting) was awarded the 2008 Career Achievement Award for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech Univeristy, where she is a professor.

Hugh McMahon (’76 design) is showing work in the “Pumpkin Show” at the Chelsea Market in New York through Nov. 26. www.gochelsea.com/pumpkins

Nancy Anderson (`77 painting) is exhibiting her mixed media work at the El Camino Real Play House for the month of December during the production "A Christmas Carol" in the old historic town of San Juan Capistrano, Calif., where she now resides. The pieces include woven oil / metallic pastel paintings, series of hearts and crosses, oil landscapes and ceramic jewelry.

Ted Sitting Crow Garner (’82 sculpture) has outdoor work at the Quad Cities Sculpture Exhibition in Bettendorf, Iowa and Rock Island, Ill. His sculpture, "Endangered Nations," is in an exhibition of works by American Indian artists commenting on energy policy, and it has been touring the nation for three years.

Mark Lewis (’82 painting) recently completed a commission for the new BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla. www.marklewistulsa.com

Ke-Sook Lee (’82 painting) showed work at the Threading Trends Berlin Alte Post in Berlin, Germany, Oct. 30- Nov. 15. www.ke-sooklee.com

Philip VanDusen (’82 painting) recently joined ANTHEM San Francisco, a Schawk Strategic Design company, as their executive creative director after spending more than 11 years at Old Navy, most recently serving as the vice president of graphics and packaging.

Alex de Leon (`83 printmaking) is showing work at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary Gallery in Dallas, Texas from through Dec. 12. The show is titled “Divided We Stand.” Also, he will show work in “He Spilled His Guts One Too Many Times," at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, Dec. 5-31.

David de Rousseau (’84 painting) took a break from a seven-year public commission for a first-ever retail gallery exhibition on Oct. 10 at Prairiebrooke Gallery in Overland Park, Kan.

Carol Stoddart (’85 sculpture) recently won first place in the ceramics division in the 49th annual Boone County Bank Art Show, which runs concurrently with the Festival of the Arts in Columbia, Mo.

Yvette Helin (’85 sculpture)
, a costume designer, will be seenon “Celebrity Apprentice” 
in January 2009. For the show, she made a special outfit under the direction of celebrities Brian McKnight, Scott Hamilton, Dennis Rodman, Jesse James, Clint Black, 
Hershel Walker and Tom Green. Yvette also creates costumes for the television and film industries. She created special costumes pieces for the cable television series “Rescue Me.” Also, she made costumes for Liam Neeson for the movie “Ethan Fromme” and Ryan Reynolds for “Paper Man,” currently in production. Last July she was hired to make a blanket for an elephant, to be donated to theElephantFamily.org by fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, who signed the blanket. Yvette has recently revived her Pedestrian Project, a performance project that appears in the streets. The performers are disguised as generic icon people and are totally black. The group performed in August and October  in New York City  this year after a long break. www.yvettehelinstudio.com

John Westmark ('85 design) was recently interviewed on myartspace.com. To read the interview, visit click heref.

Maria Creyts (’86 painting) is showing work in a solo show at the Pi Gallery in Kansas City, Mo. which runs through Nov. 29. www.piartgallery.com

Bethanne Knudson (’87 fiber) worked from 1997-2004 as president of the Jacquard Center, in Hendersonville, N.C., and in 2000 was a co-founder of Studio Structure, a design studio. Also, the KCAI fiber department welcomed Bethanne to campus on Nov. 3 for a workshop and artist presentation. She gave a demonstration on using JacqCAD, a textile design software. Currently president of The Jacquard Center in Hendersonville, N.C., she is considered one of the country's leading JacqCAD experts.

Sarah Sedgwick Coble’s (’87 ceramics) work can be seen in the following shows this November as part of the “All Fired Up” ceramic celebration in Westchester County, N.Y., “Insight /Out” at the Mariandale Chapel Gallery, “Terra Forma: Perspectives in Clay” at the Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery, “Ceramic Expressions” at the Yonkers Riverfront Library, “Transformations: 6x6” at the Clay Art Center and “The Dining Room” at the Mamaroneck Artists Guild Gallery.

David Jones (’87 painting) participated in a group show entitled “FOTOWERK” at the Flatfile Galleries in Chicago, Ill. The show took place from Sept. 5 to Oct. 24. David directs Anchor Graphics at Columbia College in Chicago. www.anchorgraphics.org.

Amanda Boyden ('88 photography) read selections from her new novel, "Babylon Rolling," in Epperson Auditorium in Vanderslice Hall on the KCAI campus this fall. "Babylon Rolling," set in New Orleans in 2004 with Hurricane Ivan threatening the city, has been described as "a powerful portrait of racism in America and a city on the edge of transformation." Boyden also is the author of "Pretty Little Dirty" (2006). For more information about "Babylon Rolling," see her book on Amazon.

Maryann Hammond (’89 fiber) was featured in American Style magazine for one of her works entitled “Glitter Dragon Flower.” The magazine will hit newsstands in December.


Amy Finkbeiner (`90)
participated in a group show entitled “Supernatural” at the Good Children Gallery in New Orleans.

Robert (`90 photo/video) and Shana ParkeHarrison are exhibiting work in two solo shows this fall and are releasing a new monograph, “Counterpoint.” The monograph is published by Twelvetrees Press. The two will have a show through Feb. 8 at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City entitled “Restoration: Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison.” Their exhibition “Counterpoint” was on view Oct. 10 through Nov. 8 at the Jack Shainman Gallery in New York.

Stuart Stefany (’90 photo/video)
completed his second term as department commander of Illinois for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. He sculpted a bronze medallion of Abraham Lincoln that was endorsed by the State of Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. Stuart worked on building an architectural model that was used as a background in the movie “Batman, The Dark Night.” Stuart is currently working on a degree in teaching at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Rich Bowman (’91 design) had a solo show entitled “Infinite Sky” at the Blue Gallery in Kansas City, Mo during the month of October.

Terrence Brown (’91 illustration/design) recently accepted a position with the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) and the Minnesota Lynx (WNBA) as senior creative director of motion design.

David Angell (’92 photography) will participate in a group show entitled “The Unconventional Camera” at the St. Charles Community College in Cottleville, Mo.

Jide Aje (’93 industrial design) had a solo show “Familiar and Unknown: Paintings by Jide Aje at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit.

Maren Kloppmann (’93 ceramics) created a new wall installation in the lobby of The Westin hotel in Edina, Minn. It consists of 31 hand-crafted porcelain platters and is entitled “Reflective Balance.” She is also showing work at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis. Also, she will participate in the show “Art Perchance” at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. www.marenkloppmann.com

Christian Holstad (’94 ceramics) sold two works in an auction at Christie’s, 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York. “Minnesota Landscape” (1999, watercolor, crayon, graphite, ink and colored pencil on paper 17" x 131/2") sold for $4,000 and “Golden Landmines” (c. 1999, felt collage, yarn, wire and shade support 20" x 16" x 16") sold for $10,625.

Holly Swangstu (’95 fiber) had a show of her paintings in September at J. Bird Studios in Kansas City, Kan.

Ben Bates (’95 ceramics) has participated in many recent exhibitions, including, “Bottles” at the Lawrence Arts Center, in Lawrence, Kan., “Georger Ohr National Challenge” at the Orh-O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi, Miss., “Recent Works” at the Robert T. Wright Gallery in Grayslake, Ill., “Platter and Pourers” at Baltimore Clayworks in Baltimore, and “History in the Making III” at the Genesee Center for the Arts in Rochester, N.Y.

Ralph Provisero (`95 sculpture)
will show new work in the show “Center Beam” at the Miami International Univeristy of Art and Design, through Nov. 29. Also, he is happy to announce the birth of his son, Nico Alessio Jude Provisero, born Oct. 20, 2008.

Tim Hutchings (`96 photo/video) recently showed new work in "Formal Issues and Not" at the Sydney College of Art in Sydney, Australia. Visit his Web sites for more information about his work: www.timothyhutchings.com, www.plagmada.org and http://softdrinkreviews.blogspot.com/.

Josh George (’97 painting) showed work in the exhibition “State of the Union” at the Tria Gallery in New York, Oct. 16 – Nov. 15. www.triagallerynyc.com

Nathan Fox ('97 illustration) was one of six working creative professionals featured in the KC Hustle show Oct. 3 at The Pitch art space, 1701 Main St. Each artist created a custom toy and box for the exhibit. In addition to custom creations, there was live painting and merchandise available to purchase from all the artists.

Nemo Gould (’98 sculpture) appeared on the new Discovery Channel show “Prototype This!”.

Hector Casanova (’98 illustration) had his second graphic novel, “Screamland,” published in October. The text is written by Harold Sipe (’98 photo/video). “Screamland” is a genre-bending book, chronicling the life of yesteryear's famous monsters as they struggle to make ends meet and maintain their dignity in contemporary America.

Holly Stewart (’99 fiber) was the subject of one of Etsy’s "Handmade Video Portraits." www.thehollystewart.com

Nobuhito Nishigawara (’99 ceramics) will participate in the show "Dual Perspective" in Seattle. His work will be shown in the Pulse Miami Contemporary Art Fair this year at the Mark Moore Gallery, where he will have a solo show in February. HYPERLINK "http://www.markmooregallery.com" www.markmooregallery.com


Bruce Campbell (`00 ceramics) presents new work in “Nothing In Stone,” a solo show at the Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art Gallery, 173 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia. The show runs through Dec. 20. www.rebekahtempleton.com

Cori Paulsrud O'Connell (’00 painting)
will have her first solo painting exhibition this month at the Williams Gallery in Rochester, N.Y. The show was made possible though a grant from the Rochester Art and Cultural Council.

Christopher Willits (’00 photo/video) has a new episode of his work on his podcast. To subscribe to his podcast, click here.

Shawn Sanem (’00 painting) is working as a graphic designer for Helix, an architecture and design firm. Shawn also does freelance work with his company Ssanem Creative.

"It is What It Is (Tongue in Cheek)," a piece by Nathan Mabry ('01 ceramics), was pictured in the article "The Spirit of 176" in the October issue of ARTnews. The article focuses on Anita and Poju Zabludowicz and their conversion of a Methodist church in London into an exhibition space.

Erik Beier (’02 new media) started the company 3 Axis Inc. in 2005.

Work by Cody Critcheloe ('03 printmaking), Seth Johnson ('01 printmaking) and Jaimie Warren ('02 printmaking) is featured in "Heartland," an exhibition of art and music from the heart of the United States. On display at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Netherlands through January 2009, the exhibition is jointly organized with the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago.

Jaimie Warren ('02 printmaking) is featured in the exhibition "Mail Order Monsters" at Max Wigram Gallery, London. "Mail Order Monsters" showcases a selection of works that tap into the underground music and graffiti vibe as well as drawing inspiration from computer program aesthetics. The exhibition opened Sept. 20 and ran through Oct. 19 and was previously hosted by Peres Projects, Berlin; Deitch Projects, New York; and Andreas Melas, Athens. Jaimie also released a monograph, "Don't You Feel Better," on Oct. 16. The monograph is part of a series published by Aperture. The series presents five of the most promising artists on www.tinyvices.com, an online gallery founded by independent curator and photographer Tim Barber. " For more information, click here.

Ricky (Jimenez) Rayns (’02 sculpture)
is included in the show “Vanishing Point” at the Luis Adelantado Miami Gallery. The show runs through Nov. 25.

Andrew Thompson (’03 sculpture) curated a show entitled “Gender Agenda” at Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, Mich. The exhibit opening featured a performance by his band, the He-Bops, for which Andrew serves as a vocalist and plays guitar.

Artwork by R. Justin Stewart (’03 ceramics) was a part of the 75th anniversary edition of Esquire magazine, a special issue profiling major figures of the 21st century. His work is entitled “Regroup (The Ex-Googler Universe),” and it corresponds to an article that discusses the wide-reaching influence of former Google employees. Many Google employees that started with the company in its infancy have been able to cash in their stock options and leave the company to start other companies or work in other arenas. The Esquire article asserts that Google's influence in the 21st century will be felt through these people who have left. Justin lives in New York with his wife, Mamie Kanfer (`04 ceramics), director of strategy and planning at Avoda Arts, a nonprofit educational organization that uses arts and culture as entry points into Jewish learning. www.rjustin.com

Frank Oviedo (’04 design) is now a partner and co-owner of a Kansas City-based company called Liquid 9.

Peter Demos (’04 painting) and Shawn Powell (’05 painting) will have their M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition opening at Hunter College in New York on Dec. 17.

Jonathan Dankenbring (’04 painting) was one of the three M.F.A. students who initially conceptualized the HUB at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. The HUB project places art galleries inside moving trucks, bringing the art gallery to different venues in various cities.

Cat Cox ('05 fiber) gave a presentation in Irving Auditorium on the KCAI campus this past September that focused on her career as the residency and studio programs director at Dieu Donne, a New York nonprofit artist workspace dedicated to the creation, promotion and preservation of contemporary art in the hand papermaking process. Cat also addressed senior fiber majors in a professional practice seminar and conducted a papermaking workshop for students from the fiber department.

Cortney Andrews ('05 photo/new media) was selected by the Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre in Marnay-sur-Siene, France, as an artist in residence. Cortney’s residency begins in February 2009 and will continue for four months, during which time she will work on a short film and series of photographs. According to CAMAC's Web site, the organization's ambition is to foster exchange and develop meaningful communication by providing a unique environment for individuals and collaborative groups working on the evolution of ideas or the realization of a body of work whether painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, film, video and new technology, installation art, music, performance based art, writing or the human sciences.

Erin McAllister (’06 fiber) was selected by a panel of arts and business professionals to create the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City’s 2009 ArtsKC pARTnership Awards. The 2009 awards luncheon will mark the sixth year for this event that honors businesses that have formed mutually beneficial partnerships with arts organizations or artists. She currently works at Designtex, a commercial textile company which focuses on environmentally friendly design. http://erinkmcallister.com/intro.html

Debbie Barrett-Jones ('07 fiber) is featured in the exhibition "Off the Wheel" that runs through the end of November at the Good Girl Art Gallery in Springfield, Mo. Barrett-Jones describes the show as "a collection of interpretive studies of the color wheel. Using the process of color mixing and percentage gradation dyeing, each woven panel reveals the beautiful communication that passes between one color thread intersecting another."

Mary Laura Barkley-Mau (`07 painting)
has put together some of the photographs she took during a trip to Vietnam with Professor Hal Wert into a manuscript titled “For Their Beauty.” She hopes to publish this photo essay to show the beauty she saw in the people of Vietnam and Cambodia and to provide funds through sale of the books to implement projects to aid young street vendors there. Please visit her Web site, www.marylauramau.com, to learn more. You can find her manuscript here.

Ashleigh Burskey (’08 printmaking) has been working at Ox-Bow School of Art & Artist Residency in Saugatuck, Mich. since July 2008. In January, Ashleigh will travel to Norway for a two-week residency at Tou Scene in Stavanager. Afterwards, she will travel to Berlin for a one-month residency.

Adam Cruces (`08 INDA) exhibited new video works in “El Calballero De La Noche”on Nov. 14, at Open Lot in Saint Louis. www.openlot.org

Eric Bacus ('08 digital filmmaking) has a new job doing visual effects for Branit|VFX, a visual effects and Common Gateway Interface graphics studio at 1906 Wyandotte St. Bacus worked on "some really intense shots" for the season premiere of "Pushing Daisies" on ABC.


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